Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment isn’t your fault. If your employer is sexually harassing you, or is fostering a hostile work environment, they need to be held accountable.
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Wage Disputes

Workers deserve to be paid for the work they do. Employers are required to comply with wage and hour laws, including payment for overtime, or any work performed on or “off” the clock.
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Disability and Illness at Work

Employees with medical conditions or whose family members have medical conditions are protected under federal laws. Unfortunately, some employers violate those laws and punish disabled employees for missing work. This is illegal, and we can help.
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Discriminatory practices in the workplace take many forms but always at the expense of someone because of their race, age, ethnicity, or gender.
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Severance, Employment and
Non-Compete Agreements

Severance agreement, employee contracts and non-compete agreements can be confusing. We can help you to understand what you are promising before you sign and maybe even help you negotiate better terms.
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